How Do I Setup Brother MFC-J995DW Wireless Printer?

Brother Printer

The Brother Printer is manufactured by Brother industries which begin back in 1908. Despite being primarily known for its exquisite range of printers, they are also known for their personal computers, fax machines, sewing machines for industries and more. The company has stood up all these years to manufacture good quality printers and the types of printers made are label printers, home printers, garment printers and more. One of the top Asian companies, it has offered consistency and stability. With its distinctive features and its capability, their experience in the industry has generated a revolution in making the products which are better for the people. If you want to solve the problems that you face with your Brother printer, then don’t hesitate to reach out to the Brother printer support

Brother MFC-J995DW Printer

If you want an ideal printer for your home or your workplace, then the Brother MFC-J995DW is the perfect selection for it. The best aspect of this printer is that you will have good quality ink due to its cartridges which are well engineered and you can expect some uninterrupted performances and when you use this printer, you might not need to buy ink for a certain time period.

Features of the Brother MFC-J995DW Printer

  • The Brother MFC-J995DW is also a printer for investing your ink
  • Otherwise known as the Ink investment printer and this ideology is entirely a brainstorm of Brother printer
  • The printer is capable of handling nearly 150 sheets a month and it could print the pages in a seamless way
  • The printing facilities are low in cost
  • And the astonishing factor is that you could receive is the ink replacement service
  • Which is not an option found in other printers
  • The Brother printer can also support mobile printing, scanning and NFC printing in an affordable way

So, these are the features of the Brother MFC-J995DW printer; and never miss the chance of buying this fantabulous product which gives you the finest of outcomes.

Brother MFC-J995DW Setup

When you are performing the Brother MFC-J995DW setup for the first time, you will have to follow the commands that are enlisted below:

Brother MFC-J995DW Setup

  • So, start by removing all the package materials that are found beside the Brother printer
  • Then you will have to open the tray which serves as paper feeding input for the printer
  • So, this tray has the ability to accept any sort of papers notably A3 and A4 sizes
  • While removing the package, you will be able to find the setup compact disk
  • And also, the ink cartridges that are required for the printer
  • Finally, you will be able to turn the printer ON

Fixing the Cartridges

After you finish the primary process in setting up the printer, then commence with fixing the cartridges and you will have to follow certain steps that are enlisted below:

  • When you activate your printer, fix the cartridges and you will notice there are some color codes
  • Depending on the color of the cartridges, the cartridges must be fixed in the allocated locations
  • If you do not place them well, then the printer might function inappropriately
  • Finally, the LCD panel confirms that you have installed the cartridges successfully
  • In the end, the Brother MFC-J995DW setup is complete

Brother MFC J-995DW Wireless Setup

For performing the wireless setup in the Brother printer, then you will have to follow the steps which are listed below:

  • If you have the SSID and the network key, then setting the Brother printer is really easy
  • First of all, you need to operate the LCD of your printer and activate the setup wizard
  • Then the pairing process starts but make sure that you have activated with the printer
  • Or else you will have to induct the mobile app for your working
  • And then the language must be chosen for your Brother printer

For any other network concerns, you must check the speed of the internet facility; and in order to avoid issues in the future, the Wi-Fi plays a very important role in the printer setup

Queries and Troubleshooting

If you have queries on the Brother MFC-J995DW setup, then surf to the Brother printer support site or call us @ +1-844-485-5080 for having a better perspective on the printers.

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