Privacy Policy

Privacy policy defines the techniques and ways we are implementing in the collection of data from the customer side for the services we offer and therefore, we suggest all our users have a glance about privacy policies in a detailed way

Data collection methods

For our support services, we are just collecting the basic information of the customer such as Name, email ID, and card details for the payment transaction step either via chat or by the call and if there is any such need of location details to offer services, we also collect the location data of the customer.

Rules & regulations 

To hamper the data misuse and tampering, we are strictly following the rules and regulations. In case of any serious issue from the user side only, we will report the corresponding user data to the respective authorities, this action is carried out only after prior notice to that user apart from which, we assure all our users that we don’t share any other information of users to any parties.


We use using cookies on our website with only intention to improve our services to the users and it is completely the user’s wish to enable or disable cookies on our website

Refund policies 

We follow the respective refund policies for the user in case of canceling the services and the user should follow the chargeback policies to unsubscribe our services

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