Terms and Conditions

All the terms and conditions simply define the relationship between the users and the website authority and before taking our services, it is a very important factor to go through all the terms and conditions of our webpage

Our vision 

Our main aim is to offer instant and detailed support service for the customers to easily get rid of printer errors they face during the setup process

Privacy policies 

Not only our services, but for any kind of service, the user should grab one important thing from their view, that they should first read & understand all the privacy policies given by the website authorities. The privacy policies are nothing but describing all the things about the data collection methods and other regulations for the user.

Copyrights & Trademarks 

Our website follows all the copyright regulations to hamper the misuse or copying the information from our website

Judicial law and regulations

We always follow the legal regulations to face any issue regarding data misuse and we assure every user of our website, that strictly we are not sharing any user data to other authorities. In case of situations like if the source of the issue is from user side, then the user information is shared with the respective authorities.

The above said action is only done after prior mentioning to the user.  Any changes in the terms & conditions, privacy policies are upgraded on our website and thereby, we advise all our users to go through the updates on our website to know the changes in information.

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