Tips And Tricks To Resolve Brother Printer Offline Error

Troubleshoot Brother Printer Offline Issue

Are you a Brother printer user who often gets stuck with errors? Let us help you with a few tips and tricks to resolve Brother Printer offline error which can be a persistent worry for frequent users. When the printer goes offline, it will, in turn, interrupt all your print, scan, copy and fax jobs running on your device. Reasons for the Brother Printer offline error can be attributed to many different kinds of network issues; external software that affects your device, enabling the printer offline settings, faulty software that you use, poor device configuration and a few more.

As the first and foremost step, find the reason and cause of the error and also try analyzing the error message that your system gives you during this process.

Brother Printer Offline

Brother Printer Offline

Check the Brother Printer Software

  • Brother Printer software that you use must be compatible
  • Therefore, you can uninstall the software and then, update the device with the latest version
  • To get the compatible software, however, you can visit the Brother printer support page and use the CD provided along with the device package
  • Automatic driver update tools can help you update the software automatically

Disable the Offline Settings

Verify and check if the printer offline settings are not enabled. If the settings are active, disable the offline settings

Check the Hardware Connections

  • All the cables must be slid properly to your device and this includes the power and Ethernet cable
  • Moreover, use good quality cables to connect your device

Use a Different Device

Try connecting the printer to a different PC or a different printer with the existing PC in order to check if the error can be rectified

Reinstall the Brother Printer

Reset all the Brother Printer settings once and then, start the device setup once again. Refer the setup manual provided along with the device package to get a clear idea of the device setup instructions

Cancel the Print, Scan, and Copy Jobs

Delete the entire print, scan and copy jobs in the queue and then, try to start the process once again from the beginning

Check the Network Speed

  • A good speed network connection is a must to proceed with the device troubleshooting, setup and other functions
  • Hence, suggest you print a network test page and then, verify if all the settings are valid and accurate
  • Also, Disconnect the device from the network and try establishing an alternate network connection
  • Print the network configuration test page to verify and validate the device settings

Uninstall External Software

  • Check if you have any external software’s on your device. Try uninstalling the software to check if the offline issues resolve
  • The scan or firewall software’s that you use can sometimes be the reason for Brother Printer offline error message to popup

Brother Printer Offline Windows 10

If you are windows 10 user check if the printer software is compatible to use with Windows 10 operating system

  • Navigate to the start button > click on the option, devices and printers to set the device as the default printer
  • Ensure that you connect all the cables properly to the required slot and the connections are secure
  • Navigate to the control panel of your device and then, click on the option, devices and printer to verify the Printer IP address
  • Visit Network and sharing center to cross-check the network connectivity settings
  • Reinstall the printer using the remove device option on your device control panel
  • Finally, disable the firewall software’s running on your device
  • Get rid of the offline error, select the best Brother Printer model and then, start printing to get all your print jobs in excellent speed and quality

There are a lot of other tips and tricks to resolve Brother Printer offline error, just contact our customer support executives @ +1-844-485-5080 or visit Brother Printer Customer Service for assistance.

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