How To Download and Install Brother Printer Drivers?

Brother Printer Drivers can be setup using the accompanying CD ROM, which contains a setup wizard to provide you with instructions for installation along the way. Simply run the .exe file on the CD ROM after you insert it into the computer attached to the printer. It will launch the .exe file with the wizard automatically for you to abide by the installation process.

Brother Printer Drivers with CD ROM

Connecting the Printer

  • Use the USB Cable to connect the printer to the computer and connect the printing device to a direct electrical outlet
  • Once the connection between all the added accessories has been established, go to your computer to open the Control Panel
  • From here, click on Add a Printer Device and wait for the computer to discover the printer and display a list
  • Check for your printer’s name on the list and click on it
  • The wizard will automatically appear on the screen to let you append the Brother Printer to the computer
  • Answer simple questions such as file location, default printer device and much more to accomplish the configuration process

Installing the Driver

Brother Printer Drivers

  • At this point, you can insert the CD ROM into the computer to download and install the brother printer drivers
  • Once the software suit has extracted and installed a window pop-up appears indicating successful completion
  • Click on the Finish button to close the window and print your required media


  • If you are using a Windows computer, first locate the SSID

Note: Network Keys are not available on Windows XP

  • After going into the Run module from Start -> type cpl -> Ok -> Network Connections opens
  • Wireless Network Connection (Right Click) -> Properties -> Wireless Networks tab -> Check the Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings ->Highlight Preferred Network -> Properties
  • From here, you can visualize the values against Network Authentication and Data Encryption

Brother Printer Wireless Setup

  • The network router and the Brother Printer machine must be close to each other with minimal obstructions between the two
  • Put both the machines ON and insert the provided CD ROM into the computer

Windows Computer

  • An installation screen appears from where you must choose the language and your model number and then click on Install Brother Printer Driver
  • Click Allow or Yes at the User Account Control prompt screen and thereafter click on Yes to agree with the terms at the License Agreement Window
  • Without checking against the Custom Install, select Wireless Network Connection and then click on Next
  • Thereafter click on Next after selecting Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer
  • At the Firewall/AntiVirus detected screen -> Select Change the Firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation. (Recommended) -> Next
  • Choose No, I don’t have a USB cable -> Next at the Wireless Device Setup and confirm the selection message
  • Click on Next after checking the Checked and confirmed box to display the SSID -> choose Yes -> Next
  • Using the control panel enable the wireless – hold the Wi-Fi button for a while till it blinks
  • Then click on Connection: Ok -> Next on the computer
  • Select your preferred printer machine to install the Brother Printer Driver and then click on Next
  • The driver installation starts automatically

Brother Printer Driver with No CD ROM

  • Even if you do not wish to use the CD Rom, you can still reach out to the manufacturer’s website to accomplish the driver installation
  • Visit and then click on Downloads
  • Type printer model number -> Click Search -> scroll through product category -> check product series -> then look for the model name
  • Now, choose the operating system type at
    • Step 1: Select OS Family and then to choose the specific version of the operating system go to
    • Step 2: Select OS Version
  • After clicking on Search you will see the file name that you wish to download – just click on it
  • To visualize all the available downloads click on Show All – go through all the instructions present under Read Before Downloading
  • Accept the license by clicking on Agree to the EULA and Download

Mac users

  • You will find the downloaded file in the Dock -> Downloads Folder
  • Otherwise click Dock -> Finder -> Go -> Downloads

Windows Users

  • A pop-up will appear from where you just have to click on Save -> Run
  • The default Downloads Folder invariably consists of the driver file
  • Alternatively, access the Brother Printer Driver file by pressing CTRL + J
  • Close all the prompts after download

Reach out to our agents through the toll-free number +1-844-485-5080 or visit Brother printer customer service for more information on Brother Printer Drivers Download.

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