Simple Instructions To Connect Brother Printer To Wi-Fi Network

How To Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi?

Brother Printers actually do wonders by providing high-quality outcomes which makes our tasks easier. Though there are several developments in technologies, still there are no replacements for printers. Every household requires a device to print documents and Brother printers come to the user’s rescue. Do you want to know “how to connect Brother printer to Wi-fi network?” follow the given instructions.

How To Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

How To Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

Wireless Setup Requirements

Prior to the wireless configuration, make a note of the following wireless network settings that will come handy while setting up the printer

  • Service Set Identifier or Network name
  • Security key, encryption key, network key or Network password

To Find the SSID and Network Key

  • You need to check your wireless router or access point or else check with your wireless router’s documentation and then, find the credentials to move forward
  • If you can’t find the network credentials, just check out the internet service provider or router company

Brother Configuration for Wireless Connection

  • Make use of the power cord to connect your Brother printer to an electrical outlet and switch on the printer right away
  • You will view the Menu button on the printer control panel which you have to click and press Up or Down arrow to choose Network
  • Confirm your choice by pressing the Ok button and then, move forward with the setup
  • Some printer models will prompt you to select WLAN using the Up or Down arrow
  • Likewise, choose Setup Wizard by pressing the Up or Down arrow and finally click Ok button
  • The WLAN Enable? prompt will appear onscreen and choose Yes to kick start the wireless setup wizard
  • A list of available networks will appear on screen right after the printer completes its Wireless network search
  • Scroll through the network list to find your Service Set Identifier and then, select Ok and enter the password of your wireless network
  • If you are utilizing a wireless network which has an Open System, entering the Network key is not mandatory
  • Or else, furnish the password and press Ok to complete the Brother wireless setup
  • If the Wireless setup is successful, you will find the Connected status on control panel display or else you will acquire the wireless connection report with error codes

Brother Printer Software Setup

  • After connecting Brother printer to Wi-Fi, you should download the software driver and it is always suggested to download the full feature and software driver package for better use of your printer
  • Visit the Brother website and then, enter the printer model number to check out the software driver right away
  • Choose the operating system of your computer from the list and also choose the version of OS
  • The Downloads page will contain full feature driver, basic software and utilities as well
  • Choose the one that you’d like to install it in your desktop
  • Tag along with the instructions that appear onscreen and then, wrap up the Brother printer to Wi-Fi connection.

Brother Printer Wireless Troubleshooting

Check Your Devices

  • Verify the power connections in your printer, computer and router as well
  • Sometimes the printer might hit upon issues and then, confirm that there are no errors displaying on the screen
  • If your printer is in sleep mode, just tap the buttons on it to verify
  • Or else contact the Brother support
  • Check whether you have set the printer as default or else tap Start and navigate to the Control panel where you will find Hardware and Sound under which you have to choose Devices and Printers to mark Brother printer as the default printer
  • If your printer is in offline status, just click on Brother printer icon -> See What’s printing -> Printer -> Use Printer Offline and then, follow the onscreen prompts to use your printer

Repair Yireour Wless Connection

  • Ensure that the Brother printer is connected to the internet and also, utilize the steps given below to repair your wireless connection
  • It’s not only about checking the printer but verifying the desktop or mobile devices connected to the same wireless network
  • Try using the internet from your mobile or computer which will let you know about the network connectivity in the respective devices
  • Print the WLAN report and also, check the connection status
  • And then remove if you find any error codes
  • Enable the Wireless network interface in your Brother printer and then ensure that the devices are functioning properly.

Still facing issues in “how to connect Brother printer to Wi-Fi?” Just navigate to our website Brother printer customer service to know more about the wireless setup or call our technical support team @ +1-844-485-5080.

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